SBG Atlanta’s Member of the Month for August 2016: Sarah Dunn

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Sarah Dunn is one fast learner.  

Not through some other-worldly athleticism or super-human attributes.  Sarah has gotten in great physical shape and has improved leaps and bounds on her kickboxing and jiu jitsu though one method: determination.  When Sarah made up her mind to become a part of Straight Blast Gym she made a decision that she was going to make a commitment to herself to get in awesome shape and make some major life improvements.  


Kickboxing Coach Jim Sheppard had this to say about Sarah:


“That girl is a machine.  You can count on her being in the gym every chance she gets.  A lot of times you’ll see someone start a physical fitness program and then taper off after a few weeks or months….but not Sarah.  She is always on time, smiling, and ready to go.  A few times she’s been the early girl in class, which doesn’t deter her one bit.”


Along with her boyfriend Adam, Sarah has become a mainstay at the Sandy Springs location.  Both are universally liked, both for being great people and great training partners.  Sarah looks noticeably slimmer and trimmer, and she’s climbing the ranks in the gym very quickly.  


Sarah Dunn had this to say about her time at Straight Blast Gym:


“I really like the coaches and the other guys and girls that I train with; everybody is very helpful and we have a good time.  I like that we hang out a lot outside of the class, and that this has become part of my life now.   These are my friends, this is my family and I’m really happy to be here.  It’s brought a lot of positives to my life!”


Thanks for everything, Sarah, and keep up the great work!

author: cccadmin