SBG Pro’s go undefeated in MMA

NFC hosted a fantastic night of MMA, Muay Thai and Grappling bouts this past Saturday at CenterStage in Atlanta GA.  This was one of the greatest fight nights in GA history and the SBG Pro’s took advantage of their opportunity to shine.

First up was Straight Blast Gym Athens’ Lawson McClure vs Kamrin Naville.  This fight went 3 rounds of non-stop action and will quite possibly go down as the “Fight of the Year”.  It was back and forth from the opening bell, both fighters landing beautiful exchanges great takedowns and slippery ground work.  In the end, Lawson proved to be the more game opponent.  Can’t think of a better way for Mr McClure to come back after an 18 month break.

A few fights later, in the main event of the evening, SBG Buford’s Jared Gooden fought American Top Team’s kickboxing coach, Amir Dadovic in a winner take all contest. This fight came with a bit of drama. In all honesty, it was a grudge match of sorts.

The drama started in a private group on FB where the fighters exchanged words that led to some hurt feelings and a strong desire to fight each other.  I don’t condone the solving of problems through violence but for a professional Mixed Martial Artist, it sure does make things convenient.

To make the fight work, Jared agreed to meet Amir in a catch weight 5 pounds heavier than his normal weight class.  We knew that Jared was going to be outsized and outmuscled but felt he was the more technical striker, better grappler and all around more skilled Mixed Martial Artist.

To add gasoline to the fire, Amir decided to take a title fight in Kuwait, which he won, two weeks prior to the fight with Jared.  Back in the old days, this wouldn’t be a big deal but today people catch 30 day medical suspensions for bumps and bruises.  It was a big risk on Amir’s part that made the promoter and us coaches a little anxious.  Fortunately for everyone, it all worked out.

Annnd… just because that wasn’t enough drama, Amir missed weight forcing us to fight a guy that outweighed us by almost an entire weight class.  Size definitely matters but if it was the only thing that mattered the elephant would be king of the jungle.

Come fight night, both Jared Gooden and Amir Dadovic stepped up and put it on the line.  The MMA fight went three rounds and was jam packed with excellent striking, big takedowns and some nice Jiu Jitsu. In the end, Jared proved to be the more technical fighter and walked away with a unanimous decision and a fat payday.  Both fighters hugged it out and now share a mutual respect.  Things are as they should be.

Now we’re back in the lab (Straight Blast Gym Buford) working on fixing the holes we noticed in a constant effort to improve as Mixed Martial Artists.  As he always does, Jared will return to the cage looking even better than last time.  Seven and oh, here we go!!!

author: Phillipe Gentry