Sandy Springs Kid of the Month for May 2016: Grant Bailey

By cccadmin 0

Grant Bailey has been training at SBG Sandy Springs for a long time.

He developed a special relationship with Coach Daren at a young age and has been a regular at SBG ever since. Talking to his mom, she had this to see about her son:

“Grant first started doing jiu jitsu in 2013. He loves earning stripes for his belt and receiving belt promotions. He glows with pride when he receives words of encouragement from coaches. He loves practicing and perfecting his techniques to beat the opponent, and the jiu jitsu games at the end of class have him leaving class with a big smile!”

Like most kids, Grant started off as a hyper student; funny and full of energy. He’s still maintained his awesome sense of humor, but now he’s a full time passionate Jiu-Jitsu student.

Coach Daren on Grant:

“Grant is the man! He is super athletic and dedicated and his focus has improved a ton. He had trouble focusing in the beginning but has now become a great leader. His parents are super supportive too. I always enjoy teaching him. He recently competed well at gorilla cup and it was awesome to see all of his hard work come to fruition!”

Grant always lights up the room when he shows up for training, and he always leaves the gym with an equally big smile. We look forward to many years of progress and training with Grant, or “Spiderman” as he is known inside of SBG.

Keep up the awesome work Spidey!

author: cccadmin