Coach Sean gets his CrossFit on in Buford!

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The first time I saw Coach Sean Coleman do a squat, it wasn’t pretty.  His back would curve, he’d feet would come all over the place and the weight that he was lifting…well it wasn’t very much.  I didn’t think anything of it.  He’s a jiu-jitsu guy, so it didn’t matter that he wasn’t an exercise guru.  But man….what a difference one short year makes.  Sean started doing CrossFit three days per week and hasn’t looked back since.


“I thought of it as a new way to re-introduce me into strength training, in which I had gotten incredibly bored with in the past and had removed strength training from my routine completely.”


This is something I hear all the time.  The person going to a big box gym who is burnt out on doing bicep curls, leg presses and using the elliptical wants something different; something more motivating; something with accountability.  Sean jumped into CrossFit to shake things up and he hasn’t looked back.


“I stuck with it because I saw results. Not only were our coaches handling us responsibly in making sure that our technique was on point – making sure we weren’t compromising posture for weight….With that approach, it tapped into the nerd side of me that looks for the little details that make a lift work. It also allowed me to get strength training in – in a fun way – without injury and meanwhile getting stronger and stronger. WODs became a good way to disguise strength lifts into my workouts, preventing me from getting bored from just day-to-day lifting.”


Sean learned how to do the CrossFit lifts and movements and the rest was history.  Sean is now one of our top CrossFitters and, more importantly, it has made numerous positive changes on his life, inside and outside the gym.


“My cardio is sick, I’m stronger, my physique has completely changed and i actually LOOK like someone who works out.  My energy level throughout the whole day is so much higher, and being able to tackle the workouts puts you on a high for the entire day.  Being mentally and physically ‘on’ all day is something I wouldn’t give up for a million dollars.”


Hearing Coach Sean say this really re-affirms what CrossFit is all about.  So many think that it’s just about elite athletes throwing heavy weights around.  At SBG CrossFit we have some all-stars, but a lot of the members are in their 40s and 50s and have come to Straight Blast CrossFit because they want the accountability, coaching, and encouragement that has made CrossFit such a world wide phenomenon.


For Sean, and many others at SBG, CrossFit is not only providing them with more energy, strength, and endurance, but it is enhancing other aspects of their life.  For Coach Sean, it has really peaked his performance in his true love:


“The real kicker is, it’s helped my Jiu Jitsu.  The improvement in lifts, the awesome CF community and my physique are all just really cool extra results – but the reason I do it still and never plan to stop is: I’ve felt it help my Jiu Jitsu game so much more. No one will out-cardio me in a match, and I no longer just concede the strength advantage to my opponent. I feel more prepared for competition and daily training than ever! And I partly have CF and the coaches down there to thank for it.”

Coach Sean is a great example of how CrossFit is positively affecting so many people in the Buford and Hamilton Mill area.


Keep up the fantastic work Sean!


author: cccadmin