Newbreed Jiu Jitsu Tournament Results

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New Breed Jiu Jitsu Tournament Results


We rocked the Newbreed Jiu Jitsu tournament last weekend.  This was largely a kids Jiu Jitsu tournament but, our adults performed well too.  


The parent’s of our Growing Gorilla’s crew are absolutely amazing! Kids thrive on encouragement and ultimately perform better with positive support.  And performance is what we saw.


The Growing Gorilla that’s been training under me the longest, Jason Eappen won Gold!  He looked super tough and had incredible base.


The up and coming superstar, Sage Tiliakos stormed through his regular division winning Gold as well.  With less than a year of training, he took a shot at the expert division and lost his first match by 1 point.  Even with the loss, he showed that he belongs with the big boys!


Little Richie started his day off with one heck of a match.  He went against a Pan American Jiu Jitsu medalist and won in spectacular fashion with two beautiful guard passes.  


The happiest grappler on earth, Lauren Ammerman won two silver medals!  Congrats Lauren and keep smiling!!!


Vaughn and Sage Clayton are a brother and sister duo that handled business, winning 4 silver medals amongst the two of them.  Great competitive spirit and sportsmanship  


My main man Trey won a bronze after a number of epic battles.  Dude looked great out there.


Kylie got the day started with both no gi and gi Jiu Jitsu battles.  She took home a bronze!


In the teens division, Caleb cleaned up with double Gold.  He fought hard and didn’t have a single point scored on him and finished all of his opponents.  Look for big things out of Caleb!


In the adults we had Antony double Silver and two of our brand new Foundations grads win Gold in their divisions.  Both Drew and Jesse mauled their divisions.  Drew submitted his opponent in the finals after racking up a  21-0 score.  What a great way to start in Jiu Jitsu Competition.
Thanks to all of our parents that came out and supported.  A special shot goes out to Ian Clayton for taking such amazing pics. Thanks Ian!

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