Kids Student Of The Month Ayana Bialk

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Ayana has been training at the gym for 2 years now, when she was 4 years old.  New to the area, her father began looking for a martial arts gym for himself and his daughter.  They found Coach Daren Roberts and the rest is history.  Ayana is now the most consistent student in the Kid’s jiu jitsu class, and when it came time to start our Submission Samurai program at the Sandy Springs location, Ayana was the first person to get an invite to the program.  Coach Sean, when speaking on Ayana:


“She is super disciplined and very mature for her age.  It doesn’t matter if she is outsized, she still has a warrior spirit and a good attitude about the match up.”


Ayana has already competed at several jiu jitsu competitors, and despite giving up a lot of size, always ends up on the medal podium.


“She has unmatched heart and she listens, which is rare at her age” says Coach Chase.  “You can coach her in the middle of a competition and she’ll do exactly what you tell her.  She will succeed at whatever she wants as an adult because of her unwillingness to quit and her ability to take direction.”


Keep up the great work Ayana!  

author: cccadmin