April 2016 Kid of the Month for SBG Sandy Springs: Max Shank

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Max Shank is one of the leaders at SBG Sandy Springs.  He’s vocal, he’s confident, and his bubbling energy is contagious.  

He got his start several years ago when he wanted to try something new.  His mom, Kiersten, tells us about Max’s first couple months in jiu jitsu:


“We knew Coach Daren for several years from Crossfit and had respect for him as a person and what he had accomplished in jiu jitsu, so Max wanted to try it out.   Maxwell loved learning new skills and showing off his chokes on his Dad!  We, as parents,  liked how he was staying active and gaining self confidence as he grew in the sport.”

Max likes to take the mats by storm, always racing into the gym ready to go.  It it clear to everyone in the room that Max has an awesome attitude, making him very coachable.  Coach Phillipe expands:

“He has a real positive disposition.  One day, after a particularly tough King of the Hill match up, he lost his match and he wasn’t phased at all.  He had a big smile on his face, shook the other kid’s hand and went back in line.  When it was time to go again he was fired up and ready to go, and then came out and won his next match.  He has the same positive attitude whether he wins or  loses.  It’s easy to be excited and all smiles when you’ve just won, but to show that same respect towards your opponent after a loss…that’s rare in a kid.”

Teaching these kids to be gracious in victory and defeat is a big deal, and Max is a great example of how to do both.  His skills have improved by leaps and bounds and, combined with his big smile and controlled demeanor, he’s become one of the top kids at Straight Blast Gym Sandy Springs!

author: cccadmin