It seems like it should be a simple subject for the most part, yet it is one of the biggest issues for which PennDOT gets complaints. Most of their complaints are about oncoming vehicles blinding drivers because of the headlights.

Headlights have the ability to be aimed. Think of going through the woods on a dark, non-moonlit night. While holding a spotlight, it’s unlikely that you would shine it at the treetops while walking or running; you would be more inclined to hold it slightly down and in front of you. If someone else was also walking in the woods while coming at you the other way, holding their spotlight in your eyes it might make it very hard to see where you are going. Vehicles are no different. They are equipped with adjustable headlights for a reason; they can be aimed so you can see and still not blind the drivers coming toward you.

Food for thought: have you ever left your high beams on and had a driver flash theirs when coming from the other direction? It’s giving you a hint that you are making it hard for them to see while they are approaching you head on–NOT a good scenario to say the least!

If you seem to be getting quite a few people doing this while your low beams are on, it may just be that your vehicle’s headlights are out of adjustment and are blinding them. Mention this while you are in for any service, and we will be glad to test the aim as well as the intensity. Adjustments can be as easy as turning the adjustment screws to hooking into your vehicle’s computer network system as some of the newer vehicles’ head lamps are controlled by computer-controlled motors to center them and move them to follow road contour and steering wheel input.

There is also the issue of headlight lens glazing. This is similar to your eyes having cataracts. We have seen where the bulb inside the headlamp lost 80% or more of its brightness trying to pass through the lens due to the clouding effect of glazed over headlamps. There are ways to address this, ranging from deglazing the lens (which works 85% of the time) to replacement. Either way, you will be much happier and safer having the proper amount of light aimed so that you will be able to see where you are going.

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