Auto Repair shop


Powell’s Auto Body Inc. was established in 1993 in the back of the original building. We coexisted our operations with Powell’s Transmission Center, who managed their business in the front of the building. Though it was a small scale facility, it was still impressive for Randy Powell, at the age of 24, to move from being employed by the industry to being an owner within it. For the next seven years, the business grew little by little by beginning to establish relationships with industry providers and most importantly customers. Eventually, in 1999, we were able to double our square footage by purchasing the rest of the building while Powell’s Transmission Center relocated to a more suitable site. By continuing to develop and build more relationships, such as direct repair programs with insurance companies, we were able to generate enough revenue to acquire the property next door to us. This property would later on play a critical role in helping the business expand. With the industry becoming more innovative, it was time for a change, which started by utilizing all of our resources. With the help and support of the community and all of our partners, we were able to break ground for the new addition which placed our facility roughly at 10,000 square feet. This investment catapulted us to a limit we once only dreamed of, and we owe that to our loyal customer base because without you there is no addition, there is no Powell’s Auto Body Inc. Over our 22 years of existence, we have traveled on this upward journey still facing our low moments, but persisting through to reach our highest moments. Within the past few years we were able to gain new employees to add to our workforce, which already consisted of employees that have been here from the beginning. By continuing to gain the recognition of the industry’s elite organizations, we will continue to grow as a business and as individuals to make sure we are the best we can be. No matter our size, we will ALWAYS continue to be the family business that our company was founded on.