Auto Repair shop


Here at Powell’s Auto Body Inc., we are continuously training to make sure we are providing the safest and most efficient repair on the market. We are excited to learn these new processes so we can implement them into our repair plan for your vehicle, which in turn benefits you, the customers. Through these countless classes and seminars, we have obtained numerous certification in different repairs processes. Here are a few of the more highlighted and recent certification we have achieved as a repair facility.


What is I-CAR? Throughout the years, we have and will continue to attend I-CAR training. I-CAR, or Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair, is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing industry recognized training to the employees of the industry in order to perform complete quality and safe repairs. At Powell’s Auto Body Inc., over the years we have attended the training seminars provided by I-CAR to make sure we are constantly updated on our knowledge. Though there is time and finances sacrificed, we feel, is our responsibility to our direct repair programs, other insurance companies, our partners, and most importantly you, our customer, to make sure you receive the best possible repair on your vehicle.

So how does a facility become I-CAR Gold? Our shop has become a I-CAR Gold Class Shop by training each of our repair technicians every year, and by having in-house experts in each repair specialty needed for a complete and safe repair. Gold Class is the industry standard for training that contributes to complete and safe repairs. Our shop is among the only 10 percent that meet the rigorous standard nationally and only 2 percent in the Pittsburgh Area.

Honda Repair Certified

After achieving I-CAR Gold Class status, we were able to become one of the only four ProFirst Honda Repair Certified shops in a 50 mile radius. Our shop has received Honda-specific training through I-CAR. The training provides Honda-specific information about vehicle construction materials and general repair considerations, specific repair procedures, manufacturer’s position statements relative to vehicle repair, hybrid electric and alternative fuel vehicle repair considerations, and more. We are fully equipped and trained to work on your Honda vehicle no matter the year and model.


All New 2015 F-150 Aluminum Body

Our technicians at Powell’s are always seeking new knowledge to help them grow as an employee and to help benefit you as the customer. Ford Motor Company has recently changed their famous F-150 truck to consist of an aluminum body instead a traditional steel body. Though this is excellent for gas mileage, the repair procedures are still relatively new in the industry. Ford Motor Company and I-CAR had teamed up to create a training course to help educate technicians with the right approached to fixing the next generation of F-150’s. Our technicians have taken this course and passed to become certified through I-CAR and Ford to fix the new F-150’s. Click here to watch a video to learn a little more about the course and the importance of it.