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Here at Custom Import Performance we provide many different styles of Vehicle lighting. From HID Headlights, LED Headlights, Plasma bulbs and more.



What are the advantages of Using HID Lights over Halogen lights?

Greater Lumens Output:

A standard 35w HID  kit system will project about 3x more lights than a regular halogen bulb. A 55w HID kit will push out 5x more light compared to the traditional halogen bulb.

Greater Brightness:
The functioning of an HID bulb grants them the ability to burn hotter and produce a lot more light output. The best halogen light on today’s market can only push out a off yellow light as opposed to an HID light which emits a pure white light.

Greater Visibility:
Your visibility will be drastically increased when you install our HID kits. You will go from a yellowish, off-white color to a pure bright crystal white color. Perfect if you drive a lot at night or on dark roads.

Smaller Power Requirements:
HID bulbs need about twice less power than regular halogen lights. This is quite impressive taking into account that they produce much more light.

Greater Longevity:
All depending on what kit you need and what specifications, your HID kit can last 3x to 5x longer than your standard halogen lights.

Get Noticed:
Whenever you install a HID kit in your vehicle, you will have installed the highest quality aftermarket HID kit available in today’s market.